Monday, November 14, 2011


Oh boy!! This weekend was soo fun!! Thank you family for making it such a success. A HUGE thanks goes out to Monica for being a mastermind and master planner. Another big thanks to Pinterest. And Mallory!. And Dean. And Maddi. And Kenzie for driving up to the big party! And The Greers. And Nana! And Green River cousins. And Aunt Deanne and Uncle Keith. And Ken and Mike Huston. And Aunt Cathy. And all friends and countless others that came and shared in the magic.

In case anyone is planning a big party in the next bit, Monica is up for hire. Seriously though, she has such fun ideas and ambition to get them done. A big party takes hard work and mad skill. Both of which Moni has.

The best part of the party was when Brenda walked in and got all teary. There were a million people there to celebrate her big 5-0 and it sincerely was heart warming.


Christmas is the next time we get all together! Who is excited??? !!!!!!!!!!!!! Tooele is the place to be. When is everyone getting there? I know Michael and I will be there Christmas Day to share in the festivities. We are SOOOOOOOOO excited! We threw around some ideas last night. Maybe a white elephant for all the cousins? What other ideas or traditions should we all be looking forward to?

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  1. whoop whoop! so excited for Christmas at Nan's! the basement will be amaze-balls! ha
    Josh and I are coming down sometime on Christmas Eve and staying til Sunday or Monday. We havent quite decided yet.
    LOVE the idea of white elephant gifts! i am always a fan of stupid/funny things! ;)